In Russian markets, the number of fakes is growing: in smartphones it makes up 31% of offers, in laptops – 30%, in smart watches – 63%. Most of the time, electronic products from Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are counterfeit, Kommersant writes with reference to IQ Technology.

The number of counterfeit products has increased in the markets.

The study analyzed 15 thousand product cards in the relevant categories on Wildberries, Ozon, Yandex.Market, Sbermegamarket and AliExpress.

According to Alexander Logunov, managing partner of IQ Technology, counterfeit products are made in the design of the original, but differ in size and operating system. For example, if we are talking about Apple devices, then Android is installed instead of iOS. The box is made of poor quality paper and the image is excellently applied.

Among the reasons for the growth of counterfeit electronics, market participants cite a decrease in control over counterfeit products by brands that have left the Russian market, believing that the share of counterfeit products will continue to grow. The markets themselves, however, ensure that the proportion of counterfeit products does not exceed 0.1%.

  • A third of Russians are willing to buy counterfeit products. At the same time, 15% intentionally bought counterfeits in 2022, another 19% suspect they might buy such products. The experts concluded that the Russian market is dominated by the unintentional purchase of fakes associated with fraud by the seller.


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Source: RB

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