How will the i9-10920x behave in games on the 2066 platform? The test bench also consisted of a Gigabyte x299 Aorus Gaming motherboard, DDR4 RAM. The specialist overclocked the processor to 5 GHz.

I compared the configuration on the i9-10920x to the assembly on the i5-13600k with DDR5 RAM. In both cases, the video card was RTX 4090.

There weren’t many games but they all worked in 1080p, 1440p and 4K.

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Far Cry was released in 1080p with ultra preset and RT turned off. The i5-13600k had a much higher framerate in this case and didn’t drop below 60fps like the i9-10920x did. As for the average performance, it was 100fps for the i9 and 132fps for the i5. Nothing really changes at 1440p: the i9-10920x’s FPS still drops below 60fps on rare and very rare events. At 4K, the minimum FPS for both processors is drastically reduced for some reason. Although of course 13600k has a much better result. In terms of average performance here, the i9 had 102 fps, the i5 had 125 fps.

Witcher 3 also ran at ultra settings with RT turned off. Here at 1080p the average framerate is about 120fps for the i9-10920x and about 140fps for the i5-13600k. It’s pretty easy to play overall, but friezes are a little more common with the i9-10920x. At 1440p the minimum FPS is no longer as low as before, but the i5-13600k still looks much better: 134fps on average versus 108fps on average for the i9-10920x. At 4K for some reason the i9-10920x did better than its rival. 13600k: 74 fps versus 78 fps, although the average frame rate is still ahead.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland came with ultra preset. I managed to get a lot more FPS with the i5-13600k in this game in Full HD. It was noticeable that this processor made him feel better in the game. Its average FPS was over 200fps, while the i9-10920x was over 170fps. The path to 13600k at 1440p is no longer as powerful as it used to be. Increasing the resolution really helped smooth out the difference between these processors. At 4K the performance becomes almost the same and the i9-10920x performs better at average FPS.

At 1080p with RT turned off, the i5-13600k had a slightly higher frame rate in Cyberpunk 2077 on ultra graphics. On average, it was 121 fps versus 96 fps. At 1440p, the i5-13600k’s ​​performance was better than before at upscaling. In 4K with DLSS Balanced, this game ran more or less the same in both cases. Although the i5-13600k still has a small advantage.

Doom Eternal is a game where everything is just the opposite. I was already in the lead with the 1080p i9-10920x ultra preset. At least – according to minimum indicators: 93 fps against 100 fps. At 1440p the situation hasn’t changed much. The i5-13600k processor managed to beat its rival in only 4K. However, the difference between the processors was not that big.

Still not worth buying the 2066 platform in 2023. It doesn’t handle modern games well at low resolutions. Therefore, if you already have an i9-10920x, it is better to get a different processor.

Source: Ferra

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