HE Colombian Geological Service (SGC), on the morning of Sunday, July 16, two tremors in Colombia.

it was the first earthquake magnitude 3.2 in Medina, Cundinamarca. It had a superficial depth and was felt in other municipalities of the department as well as in Meta areas such as San Juanito and Restrepo.


The second earthquake occurred in the Metropolitan Municipality. ituangoin Antioquia. The telluric movement had a superficial depth, less than 30 kilometers and 3.0 magnitude.

(Interesting: This is how you can activate the earthquake alert on your mobile).

According to SGC, this earthquake was also felt in other Antioquia municipalities such as Dabeiba, Uramita and Paque.

In addition, they have been reported two other telluric movements. At 09:31, a magnitude 2.1 earthquake was reported in El Calvario, Meta, and at around 10:44 another magnitude earthquake was reported in Santander, which was felt in the municipalities of Los Santos and Jordán.

Did you feel them?

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Source: Exame

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