The financial market “Compare” has launched a free service to check the credit rating. With their help, you can learn how to fix your credit history: the advice will be general at first, from August – individual. This was reported to RB.RU in the press service of the company.

The financial market “Compare” launched a free service to check the credit rating

The rating is formed on the basis of the user’s credit history and personal data, and also shows the possibility of banks approving the loan. The higher it is, the more likely you are to get a loan on good terms.

With the help of the service, you can “create” a situation for obtaining a loan. For example, see how much a user pays for their existing loans, how this affects the maximum amount on a new loan, and what will happen if they decline a high limit on a credit card.

The user does not have to fill out questionnaires, since the system will automatically upload all the data using a verified account in the State Services.

To compile the rating, data from various credit bureaus (CHB) are used, and their number will increase in the future.

  • Loans are a necessary basis for running a business, but 49% of entrepreneurs face problems getting a loan from a bank. Some banks refuse to lend to a business due to its short lifespan, lack of liquid collateral, or low income. In other words, it is more difficult to obtain a loan for small entrepreneurs who are just starting their business.


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Source: RB

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