The user said that he almost became a victim of such a scam. He decided to contact Delta Air Lines’ support service on the plane he wanted to fly, but the flight was canceled and the man did not want to wait in line to buy new tickets. Evers found the carrier’s support phone number, starting with +1-888 (US), on Google Maps. Immediately got a call back from a number starting with +33 (France).

The call was from a man with a strong Indian accent. Pretending to help the passenger, the support “operator” found the canceled flight using the confirmation number and Evers’ name. Support then sent Evers a screenshot of the flight asking him to confirm the new booking via SMS. But for some reason it was necessary to call the “operator” for payment. Moreover, the price was 5 times higher than the price of a real company. Evers refused and hung up.

Evers then looked at support numbers from other airlines and found that many of the phones listed in their Google Maps locations did not match the actual phones.

Source: Ferra

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