Developers macOSUnfortunately, it does not allow you to customize the context menu that is displayed when working with files in Seeker. But it could integrate several useful elements to speed up quick action, indicate the path for suggesting or transferring files, create new documents without launching applications.

All this can be done with the help of interaction applications. MagicMenu.

How to Add a Quick Action Menu on Mac

1. Download app iBoysoft MagicMenu from the Mac App Store or from the developer’s site.

2. Install the utility and give the required permission at the first permission.

3. If necessary, autostart at system startup.

4. Launch the settings menu through the program icon in the context menu. Here you can customize each of the new context menu sections.


In the first block New file file types that can be created from the quick menu are configured. You can hide unnecessary elements or add special files with necessary extensions.

Chapter Copy/move to allows you to specify a folder that can be changed to transfer and transfer a file when it is selected in Seeker. The section is also set up. Fast access.


The next two sections require additions and additions. For example, you can activate the option to include/show hidden files in a folder, specify folder paths, or to run Terminal.

Separate options sections allow you to swap the elements of the new menu and sort actions in folders.

The customized menu will be immediately available in Seeker or when working with files on the desktop.

The application is paid, after a 7-day trial period, a subscription is paid.

A year of using the utility will cost $19.6 (if applicable, on the website of the developer of the foreign card) or 1790 rub. (Payment for an in-app purchase through the App Store). A lot or a little, everyone decides for himself.

Source: Iphones RU

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