When solving the problem of collecting large volumes of waste, a joint research group of Rice University and the Ford Science and Innovation Center (USA) is invited to propose the production of graphite foam from plastic waste and tires.

Interest in the new technologies of the production of the auto giant Ford – interreliners have become a fire in the processing of pastes. For this Rice University laboratory, 4.5 kg of a mixture of plastic waste from various fragments of F-150 cars that have served their lives were sent.

Graphene from waste

After grinding the resulting powder for 10-16 seconds, the sugar level was exceeded, as a result of which almost a third of its mass grew in plastic with a high probability. Everything else is valuable chemical raw materials: gases, waxy substances and oils.

In the background, due to the fact that the plastic again passed the current, which had already reached a high voltage, which heated it up to 2030 ° C, and the composition of the substance with 85% presence of graphene. The remaining 15% is hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, silicon and other microelements.

Ford intends to use the receipt of a portable material for the care of noise and vibration isolation. Insulating polyurethane noises.

Source: Tech Cult

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