TSV-44 “Ladoga”

A Russian manufacturer named “Navigator” has created the latest meteorological radar station. In other words, the name was called “Meteor” and it was brought to the highest standard and finished with turboprop power plants.

According to Sergey Baburov, who is the head of Navigator, the company’s promising development is different. These are serious current values, and many of them have other analog parameters.

We are talking about an increased detection range of typical and standard targets, early determination of favorable wind outcomes and possible turbulence – this is quite effective for light monoblock radars.

Meteorological radar Meteorological radar “Meteor”

So far, a new weather radar is being installed on board Russian turboprop aircraft of the Baikal (code LMS-901), Ladoga (code TVRS-44), and Il-112 models. In addition, the new RDS can be mounted on almost all modifications of Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters.

In the near future, Meteora factory testing will begin, and the designer is already preparing to work on expanding the functionality of the new device – the so-called synthetic aperture mode will be added, as well as dual polarization will be introduced, which will allow determining the parameters of the underlying surface and meteorological formations.

Source: Tech Cult

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