This Thursday (26), WhatsApp launches Communities feature in Brazil. The innovation was announced in April 2022 and allows for the creation of networks With up to 50 groups and up to 5,000 participants.

In Brazil, the Comunidades function was “set aside” because of the election period. As the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and Supreme Election Court (TSE) requested from WhatsApp owner Meta, the tool should only actually launch in the country in 2023. At the time, the measure was criticized by former president Jair. bolsonaro

Today’s launch comes two weeks after invaders attacked Praça dos Três Poderes in Brasília, which is organized by social networks and messaging apps like Telegram.

According to WhatsApp, The release of communities will be done gradually., so not all users will see the new option immediately. According to the company, the innovation aims to connect people with “schools, neighborhood associations, companies in general, clubs” and more.

What are WhatsApp Communities?

The new feature allows an admin to create communities with groups that can address a common theme. The idea is to provide “better organization of separate groups under one main roof with a structure that works for the people.”

For the launch, WhatsApp has also added features on what admins can do. For example, it is possible to send messages to all groups in a community and also delete content that is considered abusive..

Only one admin can send messages to groups that make up the community. However, it will be possible to message only one group at a time, limiting the possible spread of content that may contain false information.

WhatsApp also states that it is not possible to add groups to more than one community, and that participants can report abusive messages or block people.

Source: Tec Mundo

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