HE WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow users to use multiple accounts in the same app. With the new option, it will no longer be necessary to use application cloning tools.

The information was announced yesterday by (10). wabetaininforevealed that the messenger is testing the functionality in beta. According to the website, Meta’s software even sends push notifications inviting users to test the innovation.

The option to add multiple accounts to the same device, available in WhatsApp Beta update, works from a QR Code. The app gets a new icon and an “add account” menu. Check in screenshot:

When multiple accounts are activated, the person can switch between them and you can have a work number and a personal number on the same mobile phone, for example. According to this wabetaininfoConversations, groups and notifications will be separated.

Anyone who currently owns a dual-chip cell phone and wants to use different WhatsApp accounts should use tools like Dual Messenger (Samsung) or Dual Apps (Xiaomi). In addition to these native app cloning features, there are third-party software like Dual Space that do this.

As the tool continues to be tested among Beta version users, there is currently no date for the duplication of accounts to reach WhatsApp for all users.

More news on the way

In addition to rolling out new features such as instant video messaging and screen sharing on video calls, WhatsApp is testing many more features.

Among the most interesting features tested are group voice chat, account verification via email, and passwordless login with passkey.

Source: Tec Mundo

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