Koshkin emphasized the importance of using air defense systems to create a multi-level defense mechanism. He explained that it is a convenient system with a continuous radar field covering the main directions in cities. He also drew attention to the importance of electronic warfare, which involves intercepting unmanned aerial vehicles using a variety of technologies, including modern weapons.

Another approach to preventing kamikaze drone attacks on Russian populated areas is to identify launch points, Koshkin said. Whether they are launched by sabotage and reconnaissance groups or come from abroad, identifying the source will ensure they are prevented.

But Koshkin admits it’s difficult to achieve comprehensive coverage because of the high costs. Additionally, emerging drone technologies often try to bypass existing systems. He noted that the drones benefited from satellite intelligence that allowed them to bypass air defense zones.

Koshkin added that the timely detection of those responsible for launching the drones by law enforcement agencies is extremely important. Given the possibility of using unmanned aerial vehicles in transport, including launching from vehicles, it is necessary to comprehensively solve technical and military issues.

Source: Ferra

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