Such a thing will definitely come in handy at any time, so it’s better to have it at least just in case.

This universal toolwhich includes a knife, a saw, an opener for everything and all sorts of other things.

Be sure to put it in your wallet!

▶︎ Sale: 109 rub.

Of course, the main thing that distinguishes this thing from the background of other multi-tools is its format. In fact, this is a small bank card that you can always carry with you.

At the same time, this thing 11 basic features onlywhich can be used at the highest odds.

This is something amazing!

This is a can opener, a knife, a screwdriver, another bottle opener, a ruler, a wrench of different sizes, a saw, and so on.

By and large, easier than what to say in this thingthan to list all its possibilities.

Of course, acceptable miniature, therefore, all of the above cannot be turned into a full-fledged language. But it is always at hand, and this is a big plus.

By the way, judging by the reviews, the installation made from very good materialso it won’t last more than a year.

Multitool also case with case in the form of a cardholder. If not wearing this wallet, you can use the thing.

All in all, if you don’t have a multitool at all, this one will often come in very handy. If there is, then you can buy one in your wallet just in case.

▶︎ Sale: 109 rub.

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