In Russia, scientists have developed a special tool for assessing the ability of children from 3 to 11 years old to understand and compose speech. According to a message from the School of Economics, this new practice will help speech therapists work with children more easily and consistently, improving and standardizing the process.

This development is of great importance. This is the first diagnostic test created by the university to be widely used in practice. It is also an important event for HSE because for the first time they are trying to commercialize a scientific product by turning it into a mobile application for electronic stores.

The essence of the test in 12 game missions. They will help assess children’s comprehension and speech formation skills at different language levels – from sounds to text. The app will automatically grade comprehension tasks and record verbal responses for further validation by a speech therapist. This will make working with children more efficient.

Researchers studied speech development in 500 children without any problems. They also tested the test on children with various speech disorders, such as autism. This development took eight years. The application can be downloaded from the Russian RuStore store and, as scientists hope, will help speech therapists standardize and effectively develop Russian speech in children.

Source: Ferra

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