Most recommended iPad on the market suffers unprecedented drop on Amazon

A bid for the iPad 2022 leaves the tablet at a very obscene price.

iPad (2022) is a basic tablet with USB-C and great features

The 10th generation iPad, popularly known as the iPad (2022), is one of the most beautiful tablets on the market. Not only because it is available in a large catalog of bright colors, but also because of the aesthetics of its design. dir-dir lightweight, compact, ergonomic and highly functional for two-handed use. But not only that, it’s also one of the most affordable iPad models on the market today.

Apple has released its 2022 iPad with Liquid Retina display. 10.9 inchesChip A14 Bionic and a rear camera with a wide-angle lens 12 megapixels. One of the great features of this iPad is that its 12-megapixel front-facing camera is centrally positioned in landscape mode and has much better framing. The 64GB Wi-Fi version is available for: 519 euros and 10% off the original price.

iPad 2022 (64GB)

iPad 2022 is one of the best iPads I’ve tested

There are many reasons why I think the 10th generation iPad is a great value iPad, and not just because of its price or beautiful design.

First of all, it is worth noting the great convenience of its thickness. While other iPad models like the iPad Air or iPad Pro are very thin, this 2022 iPad Ideally sized thickness to hold with both hands. The user experience is absolutely fantastic, and the iPad almost becomes an extension of my hands. Of course, this may depend on the size of each user’s hand.

Another thing that surprised me the most about this iPad, which was released in 2022, was its performance. Although it does not have an Apple Silicon M-series processor, tremendous power Comparable to other more efficient models like the iPad Pro.

The only downside to this iPad model is, Doesn’t have Face IDA special feature of the iPad Pro and Touch ID press the lock button on this tablet. It’s pretty functional though, and fits the bill for an iPad you can buy from MediaMarkt for a similar price.

Remember, this offer is valid for iPad (2022) with: 64GB storage, in version wifi and in different color tones. A highly recommended iPad!

iPad 2022 (64GB)

iPad 2022 (64GB)

iPad 2022 (64GB)

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