After negative feedback from users, Apple gave up on placing iOS 17’s end call button in the right corner of the screen. Now in the sixth beta of iOS 17, the latest version for developers, button is back in the middle of the screen as before.

The difference is among the other options on the screen, which goes to the bottom instead of being positioned in the middle. The change is a compromise between the legacy model up to iOS 16 and the radical change in the fifth beta version of iOS 17.

In addition to the tradition of users to hang up the call in the middle of the screen, button on the right made it more difficult to end a simple call for left-handed people.

More news on iOS 17

The fourth public beta of iOS 17 and the sixth for developers also brought more updates. In the native messaging app, users will be able to press ‘+’ to select photos. Previously, you had to open the list manually.

There’s also a tweak to the mood tracking feature’s animations, a splash screen when opening Photos for the first time, and a wallpaper icon in Display & Brightness. The final version of iOS 17 will arrive in about a month.

Source: Tec Mundo

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