Good news for users Windows 11. Soon they will be able uninstall more preinstalled apps on the Microsoft operating system. As reported edge, this new option is already being tested among members of the Windows Insider program; in particular, in the canary version of the software.

The development version of Windows 11 already allows users to uninstall built-in apps such as Camera, Contacts, Photo And Remote Desktop Connection. But that’s not all, as the independent application can also be ejected from Cortanathe Microsoft virtual assistant, which was recently discontinued in the OS.

Everything points to the possibility of removing additional pre-installed utilities that will appear in Windows 11 in September, when Microsoft releases its next big update. Once this happens, it will be possible for the public to get rid of programs or tools that are not frequently used or that may be running processes in the background and therefore consuming resources unnecessarily.

Redmond pays particular attention to the level of control they give users over their operating systems. it never ceases to be interesting. On the one hand, they make a very useful decision that allows them to remove pre-installed applications – something unimaginable in other times, but very grateful in our time when no one supports viruses— but at the same time they insist on forcing the use of Microsoft Edge as the default web browser. It is true that they have made this last position quite flexible lately, but it has caused a lot of anger among Windows 11 users.

Windows 11 will let you get rid of more pre-installed apps

Deepening Microsoft’s intent to allow users to uninstall pre-installed apps is a great initiative. Toast greater control over how Windows 11 works I’m sure it will be very helpful to the public. Although we must also admit that this is not a 100% new proposal.

Those from Redmond have already allowed you to uninstall some of their “factory” integrated applications, not only in Windows 11, but also in Windows 10. In fact, today it is already possible to uninstall programs or utilities such as Mail and Calendar, a voice recorder, and even a calculator.

If your PC has storage issues, you won’t make much of a difference by deleting them.. For example, Windows Calculator takes up just 72 KB of disk space, while Mail and Calendar take up just over 14 MB. But it’s not that. The important thing is that if the public finds it necessary to remove them, either because they find them useless, because they annoy them, or because they prefer to use third party software, they can do so with a single click.

It seems that Microsoft realized that this is a real need for users. And it’s good that you decided don’t ignore it in Windows 11. Let’s see if it’s actually possible to uninstall more pre-installed apps with the September update, which promises a few other big news. Among them are native support for RAR and 7-ZIP archives, as well as the introduction of Windows Copilot, a new robot/assistant with artificial intelligence.

Source: Hiper Textual

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