Disney has canceled ticket sales for its entertainment project Star Wars: Galactic Battlestar as it closes at the end of September this year. The ambitious idea turned out to be financially untenable, the authorship was appreciated, which made a number of mistakes. The project launched in March last year, but did not aim to reach the milestone.

The idea was that fans of the Star Wars universe would arrive aboard the “Battlestar Alcyone” as it speeds through the galaxy. Here they meet in a thematic environment, communicate with actors impregnating aliens, observe quests and just have fun. The reality turned out to be depressing: almost none of the visitors returned to the star-studded Iser not zahotel for the second time.

As a hotel “Alcyone” should not be criticized for 1200 dollars for 1200 dollars with a minimum level of service. The cost of paying actors lowered the profitability of the project, while they were constantly dissatisfied because of the rigid rules of behavior and behavior of visitors. There is no exact data, everything is hidden, not lost. Obviously, the organizers initially did not meet very often in the extreme situation of their project.

Source: Tech Cult

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