OBI household goods hypermarkets can start operating in Russia under the Domus brand. The new owners of the network have requested their registration according to 45 classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS). They are required to change their name by an agreement with the German OBI, Vedomosti learned.

OBI hypermarkets can start operating in Russia under the Domus brand

Aleksey Koshkin, a leading Online Patent trademark specialist, said that there are about a dozen trademarks with Domus and Domus elements in the Rosreestr database.

  • OBI has been operating on the Russian market since 2003. In March 2022, the company’s headquarters announced the suspension of stores in Russia due to a special military operation in Ukraine and decided to sell the business to a local investor. At the end of April, OBI outlets resumed their work in Russia.
  • The OBI legal entity in Russia filed an application for registration of the HOBI trademark at the end of September and OBBI at the beginning of October. The network also registered a new domain
  • Russian OBI hypermarkets changed ownership for the third time in January 2023: the new owners of the network could be associated with Senator Arsen Kanokov’s Sindika holding company. Since August 2022, the stores have been owned by businessman Josef Liokumovich, since mid-October – the Boksitogorsky Wood Processing Plant, the new owners are Modul-2 (90%) and businessman Valid Korchagin.
  • According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, since April 2023 it has been owned by Allonge JSC, whose CEO is Maryana Gilyasova. He also runs TK Sindika-O, owned by the Sindika holding company of former Kabardino-Balkaria President and Senator Arsen Kanokov.


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Source: RB

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