An extensive list of failed Pentagon projects was completed by another effective strategic long-range cannon (SLRC) just brought in by the US Congress with a fantastic range of 1850 km for artillery. According to Defense News, US laws struck the program out of the military budget.

As reported in the press service of the US Army, even if the efforts were successful, the mass production of new ultra-long-range guns and the structure of the association are subject to a budget of billions of dollars.

Initially, the command of the US army planned to use the Slrc in an aggressive attitude. For example, by placing them in the Philippines, it would be possible to bombard Shanghai, and from Japan – Beijing.

However, the required range of the strimiba is 1850 to -multiple excess of the possibility of arriving on the ar. For example, the M109A7 Paladin self-propelled howitzer shoots only 29 km.

It was assumed that in order to achieve record shooting rates in the SLRC, an “electromagnetic launch” would be used, that is, it was a question of differences in a railgun capable of releasing strikes at a hypersonic speed of Mach 5, or about 6000 km / h. This first railgun is well assembled – the ambitious wide-liard project of the Pentagon has long since been forgotten.

According to experts, the tactical missile systems and rocket artillery systems HIMARS and M270, which are in service, can cope with the tasks that were assigned to the SLRC.

It is now obvious that the SLRC project turned out to be beyond the strength of the developers, and in the face of tightening global military spending in the foreseeable future, it clearly will not implemented.

Source: Tech Cult

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