Izvestia reports that BMW and Audi have restricted Russian dealers’ access to their own software.

This message is confirmed, in particular, by the BorisHof dealership. The first consequences have already been discovered: it is impossible to make a duplicate of the keys and it is not yet known what should perform the job duties.

Avtodom said that they are available to online services through additional channels.

I came for a scheduled inspection, and the master said that they were blocked from accessing BMW online systems, but he managed to print out the entire history of my car’s MOT.

It turns out that we are switching to paper service books. If before the blocking I arrive at any official dealer center in Russia and the manager could see the mileage, the last repair, and so on by the key, now there is no such possibility.

– BMW owner

The service representative also noted that it is worth waiting for the appearance of BMW ConnectedDrive applications in Russia, it allows you to drive a car.

In one of the Audi dealerships, they said that they had been denied access to the software two months ago. In addition to problems with programming duplicate keys, “it is also impossible to install parts where programming is required – control units, gearboxes, parking sensors, and so on.” They don’t have alternative software.

Earlier Mercedes-Benz also disconnected Russian dealers from its software. [Известия]

Source: Iphones RU

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