Pibot is the so-called observable humanoid robot of the Korea KAIST Institute, capable of piloting a modern jet aircraft. At the same time, it is not required to make any changes to the cockpit architecture.

The height of the robot is 150 cm. During the flight, Pibot detected on-board instruments and altitude even in difficult weather conditions. In order not to delve into reading flight instructions, the robot simply remembers them using language models. As a result, this allows him to react to situations faster than a full-time pilot.

The humanoid robot in the office is, in fact, an alternative to a remotely controlled UAV. As you know, when a pilot changes from one type to another, he has to retrain in the corps. In the case of Pibot, an observation button is enough for this: the pilot robot simply switches to the desired mode.

In the most effective robotics programs, researchers use methodical robots with chatbots, including ChatGPT. They are currently developing their LLM model for Pibot. The ultimate goal is to teach him to work in extreme conditions available to people. The plans are to determine – Pibot for service in the Air Force by 2026.

Source: Tech Cult

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