Image: Roscosmos

The press service of the Russian Roscosmos announced the successful completion of in-orbit tests of a promising gas propulsion system developed by the Fakel design bureau in Kaliningrad as part of the Geoscan-Edel Weiss aircraft satellite.

This power plant was specially designed for CubeSat 3U satellites with a CONTROL board from Geoscan, a leading Russian drone manufacturer.

During testing, the possibility of design operation of such an engine during the observation of the pole was checked and the parameters of its operation that affect the specified changes in the satellite’s orbit were fixed.

From the point of view of the two gates, the vehicles will be in the CubeSat 3U class, for corrections, see Abotka’s resource, information about the orbit of the vehicles, which is not possible in the new space museum, which is in orbit and taken a lot.

Source: Tech Cult

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