Parking your car in a shady place during the heat becomes not just a whim, but a necessity. According to the National Police, temperatures inside the country can reach 70 degrees, while outside – 39 degrees. This temperature will be reached in many parts of Spain during this week. In this regard, a viral trick from TikTok. It promises to protect your steering wheel from the sun, cool it down while your car is parked, and therefore make it easier to use when you get back into the cabin. However, there are several reasons why you should ignore this..

Getting burned by the steering wheel is a reality that we are exposed to when sunlight is concentrated on a car. To avoid this, the above TikTok trick ensures that enough turn the steering wheel half a turn so that the sun’s rays do not fall on the places you are going to touch later.

However, this trick can lead to various accidents and breakdowns. In addition, there are The best ways to protect your car’s steering wheel from the sun. After all, while TikTok hacks can be effective in some cases, they can backfire in others.

How to protect the steering wheel of a car during the heat

The TikTok trick ensures that you protect your flyer from the sun by leaving certain areas in the shade. However, this is not quite true. Most steering wheels are made from materials such as magnesium, aluminum or steel. Therefore, after prolonged exposure to the sun the material will heat up more or less evenly. That is: on its entire surface, even on the one that was allegedly protected, there will be almost the same temperature.

On the other hand, there is the problem of changing solar fall. During the day, the star changes its position, so the areas exposed to its radiation will also change. So, areas of the steering wheel that were protected from the sun at noon could be flooded with light and heat couple of hours later.

If you don’t want to use the car sun visor, there is another way to protect the steering wheel from the sun. We are talking about the use of a cover, which is usually made of reflective material and is able to scatter the sun’s rays falling on it. This way the rudder temperature will be cooler when you decide to resume your march.

Accidents and breakdowns that can happen with this TikTok trick

In addition to the above TikTok trick on how to protect your steering wheel from the sun There are also negative sections.. Among them are possible breakdowns and accidents, which can lead to the use of this equipment.

Parking your car in the wrong direction can be harmful in the long run. This can damage the hydraulic circuit as well as the shock absorbers or tires. Cause in the force that all systems must exert over an extended period of timewhich is completely unnecessary.

In another order, if the car crashed into ours, turning the steering wheel would cause it to veer into unwanted places. Whether it’s a bump, road or pavement. The cure may be worse than the disease itself.

In any case, driving in the heat is a terrible ordeal, so many are willing to do whatever they can to keep the car cool. However, for these conditions best to follow the advice suggested by DGT.

Source: Hiper Textual

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