A very dramatic season forest fire You live in Canada due to high summer season temperatures.

The province of British Columbia was hit the hardest, with many local residents forced to flee their homes.

The main fire focused on Kelowna, a city located 300 kilometers east of Vancouver, with a population of 150,000 people. But other fires, exacerbated by severe drought, have been reported closer to the US border and in the US Pacific Northwest.

Several videos broadcast on social media show what appears to be a “firestorm” along the shores of Lake Adams.

Incredible footage of the fires at the Adams compound near Kamloops, British Columbia. #Canada #wildfire
In the first video, we see a “firenado” along the shore of the lake. The cool temperature of the water combined with the convective heat of the fire created this incredible… pic.twitter.com/s1QS846Xc7

— Hot Awake (@HotshotWake) August 21, 2023

The rare phenomenon is mainly due to the scorching heat of fires and the cold of lakes.

Canada is experiencing its worst wildfire season ever. More than 1,000 active fires still exist in the country, according to the Canadian Interagency Wildfire Center.

Source: Digital Trends

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