Megalodon teeth (left) and modern great white sharks

Max Punk Institute’s Evolutionary Anthropology Sactet Observation Team Discovered By Probability With a body length of up to 20 m and a weight of up to 100 tons, the giant ancient ayaya was an apex predator for 20 million years and probably the most dangerous predator on Earth, but the disappearance of help another dangerous marine

At the disposal of modern scientists there is an excellent method of isotopic analysis, which allows you to find out which people touched adults. However, aki are cartilaginous fish, cartilage without a ban, the poet of megalodons remained only so and so. In this regard, research was focused on enamel, a highly mineralized part of teeth

Scientists ruled out that the levels of zinc isotopes in the teeth of megalodons that lived 20 and 3 million years ago way, and therefore competed for. Yuviashcha. History already knows examples of such competitions, which led to the fact that larger animals became extinct, since they did not include foodstuffs to feed their gigantic the cloth.

Source: Tech Cult

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