Twitch This Tuesday (22), a vertical post was launched showing a TikTok-style personalized mix of clips. According to the platform, only selected users can access the new functionality for now.

“This limited experiment will help us improve our algorithm and get your feedback. After each stream, small pieces will be discovered in Stream, even if you’re not on the experiment,” the ad on X, formerly Twitter, says.

On the Twitch forum, platform asked users to provide feature tips to implement in this feature. One of them offered a search bar to search by author or date, as well as hashtags and keywords.

The new feature was announced in July, but has yet to reach some users. ANDshould be made public in october or november. Featured videos can be selected by creators for viewing in the stream. Popular clips will also come to the car.

Discovery joins Twitch stories. Adding features to the format is accompanied by the addition of vertical publications such as Reddit, Spotify and Amazon to TikTok.

Source: Tec Mundo

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