Facebook It is one of the social networks that has been on the top for the longest time. Others before this have sunk into oblivion, but Mark Zuckerberg’s app has successfully survived the passage of time. This has been achieved thanks to occasional updates that only manage to improve the user experience.

The Facebook app, like Instagram, has 24-hour stories that have been very successful upon arrival. However, one of the preferred tools of the social network, reactions to posts and even messages.

Facebook Messenger hides some very interesting tricks

That’s what Mark Zuckerberg’s social network boasts about. facebook messengerThanks to its instant messaging service, you can talk to your friends in the most comfortable way. Also, it has some very interesting functions.

In the Facebook Messenger app You can easily communicate with all your friends and here you have the option to change the reaction of the “like” button.. But that’s not the only customization option you’ll find in this second Facebook app, and you can change your friends’ nicknames for the one you like the most. Of course, you should know that if you make these changes, the selected nicknames will only be visible to you in that chat.

This is how you can change your contacts nickname

If you want Change the nickname of one of your friends in Facebook Messenger, we will tell you how to do it step by step. First of all, you will need to click on the button of a circle with an i in it, located in the upper right part of the chat.

Most likely, you already know the menu to access, because this is the same one you should use when you want to change the emoticons of the chat, as well as change the color of each chat. But what you want is to change your friend’s nickname, so You will need to press the Aliases option that appears in the menu.

Once this is done, you will come to a window where all chat participants of you and your friend will appear, where you can define their nicknames or even yours if you want. When you click on the name, you just type the nickname you want and Click Define to accept.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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