However, this is not his category at all. Tesla sells cardboard cat bedding in China. But, as the media found out Focus Taiwan led by Taiwan, The original idea was proposed by the local company Hulumao, which accused Elon Musk’s company of plagiarism.

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“Dear Mr. Elon Musk, although we don’t know each other, thank you very much for promoting our product with the Tesla logo and selling it in China,” the company wrote in an Instagram post.. “Meanwhile, we are confident that we never produced this model for Tesla in China and did not license the development to them. There must be something wrong with this question.”

Hulumao founder Xiao Shi-chang founded the company in 2016 and has sold several different cat beds, including one that Tesla apparently installed, he said. Focus Taiwan.

The cat crib in question won a design award in 2017, several years before Tesla put its own crib up for sale, Hulumao said.

Source: Digital Trends

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