The first thing that affects the development of the situation after the accidental break of the aircraft window is flight altitude. The higher the lining, the less oxygen in this area and the lower the temperature there.

If everything happens at a low altitude, all passengers will remain safe. This is explained by the fact that both the pressure in the boat and the temperature will be almost the same as on the ground. True, blowing will be very strong. But everything should end happily in the end, because in such situations, the pilots lower the plane to the minimum allowable height and urgently lower the liner to the nearest airport.

However, the higher the plane was at the time of the accident, the more dangerous the consequences for passengers would be. If the difference between the pressure inside and outside the aircraft is significant, this can lead to explosive decompression. As a result, a person’s eardrums and lungs can be damaged. But the severity of these injuries depends on how close you sit to the lumbar.

In addition, during explosive decompression, elements of the skin of the lining can be damaged. And these elements are made of metal. Therefore, if you are not currently connected, you can be drawn into the resulting hole. And there have been similar cases.

Even the temperature falling from sea to sea at high altitude can be -50 degrees. You will also be without oxygen. If you do not have time to put on the oxygen mask in time, you will lose consciousness.

Fortunately, airplane window glass is very strong. Therefore, it is possible to be damaged only with the help of some foreign objects. Also, this happens due to an engine explosion or collision with birds, but all this happens rarely.

Source: Ferra

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