Artificial intelligence helped a woman paralyzed after a stroke to “speak”. Chips implanted in the brain, along with a special device, transformed brain activity into words and facial expressions: the woman’s speech was synthesized from the toast she made at her wedding.

Artificial intelligence helped a paralyzed woman to “speak”

American Ann Johnson, paralyzed after a stroke, was able to “speak” with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. This was reported by The New York Times.

Electrodes were implanted in the woman’s brain which, together with a special device, a “digital avatar”, were able to convert brain activity into words and facial expressions. The avatar spoke words, pursed his lips, expressed emotions, even smiling, the newspaper clarifies.

The system can decode up to 78 words per minute, while a person can speak up to 160 words per minute, notes The New York Times.

To synthesize Ann Johnson’s speech, the scientists used a recording of the toast she gave at her wedding.

The implant works with technology based on a predictive model: it can predict the next words in a sentence. Scientists do not deny that the system still works with inaccuracies, in particular, it incorrectly deciphers some words.


Kirill Bilyk

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