Meta will open the operating system you use on your VR glasses. for use by other manufacturers. The company has entered into an agreement with Microsoft, Lenovo, ASUS and other manufacturers to develop new devices based on the Meta Horizon OS. The tech giant is betting on an open model that could drive adoption of the metaverse.

“We are opening up the operating system that runs our Meta Quest devices to third-party hardware manufacturers, providing a broader ecosystem for developers to further develop and ultimately creating more options for consumers,” the company said in a statement. Meta Horizon OS is the software behind the Meta virtual and mixed reality glasses, which It is based on Android and has been in development for the last decade..

Openness to third parties means that other companies will take advantage of Meta’s technology, which includes social and monetization features. Consumers will be able interact with other users regardless of device brand what they use. If you have Meta Quest and want to play Horizon Worlds with someone who has Lenovo glasses, this will be possible in the future.


“Meta Horizon OS’s social layer means people’s identities, avatars, social graphs, and friend groups can move with them in virtual spaces, and developers can integrate these social features into their apps,” Meta added.

The first to implement Meta Horizon OS will be Microsoft, Lenovo and ASUS, each of which has projects focused on a specific market niche. While ASUS will produce a headset focused on high-end gaming, Lenovo will do the same with mixed reality glasses for work and play. The case of Microsoft is more striking because they will produce a bit of limited edition Xbox inspired Meta Quest.

Meta is committed to an open model with Horizon OS

Meta Horizon OS

By offering your operating system to third parties, The Meta is committed to an open ecosystem that will shape the future of the Metaverse.. Those upgrading to Meta Horizon OS will also benefit from the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform that powers the hardware. The new Qualcomm chip is used in the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro.

Meta also announced that will lower the barrier to entry for developers, so anyone who meets the requirements will be able to run their applications on the platform. Among the efforts are a dedicated App Lab section and the ability turn mobile applications into mixed reality environments from framework space.

Mark Zuckerberg has said his goal is for the open model to define the next generation of spatial computing with the metaverse, glasses and other devices. tsuk mentioned a few examples such as a lightweight mixed reality headset for work or glasses similar to Vision Pro, with high-resolution OLED screens watch movies and TV series. In the case of games, the head of Meta talked about glasses with support for other peripherals or a model that allows you to play games on Game Pass, Steam and Google Play.

Mark Zuckerberg took the opportunity to throw a rock at Apple and its closed ecosystem. Although the iPhone has won in the mobile space, “their phones” are strictly controlled and you are limited in what [Apple] It allows you to do that,” he said. With Horizon OS opening up to third parties, Meta wants the metaverse to become something of a renaissance for PC.

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