Russian developers have introduced a new technology called SheetsGPT that will make it easier to work with spreadsheets. This innovation will benefit accountants, personal data processors, marketplace workers, and anyone who uses spreadsheets for a variety of tasks. The SheetsGPT neural network was created based on the Russian team’s own development and promises to free users from the need to know complex formulas and write macros.

SheetsGPT is based on a neural network that can understand user text queries. Users can upload their spreadsheets to SheetsGPT and submit queries to get the data they need. Query processing takes only 8-15 seconds, and the neural network can work with multiple tables simultaneously and create slices of data.

The project is currently in the prototype stage, but the developers are already planning to test SheetsGPT and make it available to end users. They are also considering collaborating with NTI (Science and Technology Initiative) to expand the market. This new technology opens the door to easier and more comfortable working with data in spreadsheets, and the developers hope it will be successfully implemented in the market.

Source: Ferra

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