Since launch, access to Bing with ChatGPT from a computer was limited to Microsoft Edge. But the people of Redmond are finally making their AI-powered chatbot OpenAI available to other browsers. In particular, the latest update to Bing Chat. added official support for Google Chrome.

Undoubtedly, this is only the first step towards opening this tool to more users. And it’s also not surprising that the first third-party browser to get official support for Bing with ChatGPT was Google Chrome, given that Edge is based on Chromium.

From now on, those who wanted to try the Microsoft Chatbot but didn’t want to install Edge, they will be able to do this with software developed in Mountain View.. It is worth noting that Bing with ChatGPT is compatible not only with Chrome for Windows, but also with versions of the Google browser for macOS and Linux.

On the Bing blog, they reported that support for other desktop and mobile web browsers would be coming soon, but did not provide more details. From now on, if you are a regular Chrome user and want to try Bing with ChatGPT, just follow the link and click on the tab “Chat”.

Google Chrome, the first third party browser to support Bing with ChatGPT.

Bing with ChatGPT is now officially available on Google Chrome

The arrival of Bing with ChatGPT in Google Chrome not so surprising. Microsoft has been testing the chatbot in this browser for some time now, as well as in the desktop version of Safari. However, it is not yet known when this tool will be available in Apple software.

But it’s part of an even bigger strategy for Redmond, who earlier this month announced his intention to bring Bing with ChatGPT to mobile versions of Chrome and Safari. A very interesting solution as it will save users from having to download the official Microsoft search engine app on their smartphones.

Getting back to official Chrome desktop compatibility, Will this help Bing take market share from Google? So far, the addition of OpenAI technology has been perceived by the public as a very interesting bet. Although the statistics made it clear that even ChatGPT was not enough to close the gap with Mountain View.

Let’s not forget that from the very beginning, Bing could be used with ChatGPT outside of Edge, but in an unofficial way. This included downloading and installing extensions in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allowed them to bypass Microsoft’s software exclusivity. However, this has also led to confusion with malicious plugins that can infect your computer.

The ability to run a GPT-4-based chatbot in Chrome will also help Microsoft quell criticism. After all, Redmonds is usually an easy target for its relentless policy of pushing users to switch to Edge. A strategy that disappointed the public, especially after the launch of Windows 11.

Source: Hiper Textual

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