In September, a series of new laws come into force in Russia: an experiment with Islamic banking begins, new rules for the sale of prescription drugs are introduced, fines for not labeling digital advertising and a new law on taxis is introduced. Let’s talk about the main things for business.

Islamic banking, digital advertising labeling and taxi control: which laws will come into force in September

  • In Bashkiria, Dagestan, Tatarstan, and Chechnya, a two-year experiment on (Islamic) partner financing begins on September 1.. The aim of the experiment is to test the Islamic financial model in regions with large numbers of Muslims and where Islamic financial structures already operate.

The essence of the Islamic financial model is the observance of Sharia principles: prohibition of interest on the use of money, prohibition of excessive risk that can lead to large losses, as well as the prohibition of investments in certain industries (alcohol and tobacco trade , pork, in the “adult entertainment” industry).

  • Since September for the distribution of advertising on the Internet without a token (a unique code assigned by the operator of advertising data) or violation of the requirements for its placement, administrative liability is introduced. Natural persons for violations face a fine from 30 to 100 thousand rubles, officials – from 100 to 200 thousand rubles, legal entities – from 200 to 500 thousand rubles.

Commenting on the placement of advertising on Messenger, Linar Sangatullin, Director of Telegram Ads at, notes that there are currently “grey” areas in the legislation. “Questions about whether a repost is an advertisement and other similar situations remain ambiguous. A situation in which the advertiser does not appear in the advertised channel and it is not clear whose interest the campaign is being carried out can also be called a “grey” zone”, points out the expert.

According to him, if the advertiser is a foreign natural or legal person, then there is no possibility of identifying and holding him responsible. “Consequently, such advertising can remain unmarked for quite some time, as there are currently no methods of influencing the advertiser,” Sangatullin noted.

  • As of September 1 in Russia A list of producers of beer and beverages based on beer, cider, mead and poiret will appear., which will lead Rosalkogolregulirovanie. From February 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025, the manufacturers that will be in the registry will assess compliance with the mandatory requirements. The Ministry of Finance claimed that the registration of beer producers, along with mandatory labeling, would reduce the number of infringements and whitewash the market.

Ilya Vasilyev, product manager of the DocsInBox restaurant business automation service, noted that starting September 1, restaurants should also start counting every serving of spilled alcohol. This applies to all drinks except beer, mead, and cider. The accounting of the amount of alcohol sold will be carried out using data from the fiscal receipt and through acts of amortization.

“However, it will not be possible to transfer the accounting system that operates in retail to public catering. The main difficulty is that restaurants will have to take into account both pure alcohol (vodka, whiskey, gin, rum) and alcohol sold in small portions in the form of a cocktail with other additives in different forms. Cocktails are equated with dishes, and you need to calculate their consumption in a completely different way, ”the expert noted.

  • broke in New rules for the sale of prescription drugs.. Under the new rules, pharmacists will not be able to sell medicines without presenting a prescription on official letterhead, number and stamp. RB.RU has discovered what changes innovation for doctors, pharmacies and patients.
  • By new taxi law As of September 1, three registries will start operating in each region: carriers, automobiles, and order services. The law establishes the liability of aggregators for causing damage to the life, health and property of a passenger, and drivers who have been repeatedly deprived of their rights or arrested for administrative offenses in the field of traffic will no longer be able to drive a cab.

In addition, those who have more than three unpaid traffic fines on the day of transportation, those who have not passed the certification of knowledge of the city and people with an impregnable or pending conviction for the commission of serious crimes may not drive.

  • September in Russia set minimum prices for vaporizers – Will be determined by the government. In addition, they will prohibit discounts and promotions on these products and will increase excise taxes on products that contain nicotine.
  • Starting with the new academic year, new “gold standards” in education will appear in Russian schools. In addition, the initial military training course will be returned to educational institutions, and schoolchildren will be required to engage in socially useful work (personal consent and parental permission will not be required).


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