Technogenic human activity is the main reason why radionuclides enter the biosphere. So there is a product rating that radonuclides can enter the human body. This list includes potatoes, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, milk, seafood. However, the professor explained that there would be no serious threat from the use of the products if the product was purchased from a seller with a quality certificate.

Other things, such as glossy magazines, can also be radioactive. For the manufacture of gloss, a special type of clay is used – kaolin. It can trap radioactive elements. Crystal tableware is also a source of radiation; May contain lead.

One of the unusual items in the home that can contain radioactive material is cat litter. Contains bentonite clay, may contain traces of thorium and uranium. The expert said that a safer filler is natural wood.

It is worth noting that if the listed products and items are of good quality, they do not pose a danger to human health or pets.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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