The developed plastic decomposes in the forest soil in 7 months. The created polymer will become a completely environmentally friendly alternative to the most commonly used polystyrene plastic.

Only polystyrene, which is part of things like containers, negatively affects the environment. But scientists from Krasnoyarsk were able to combine it with modified alpha-angelicalactone and eventually get a biodegradable plastic.

The new material can be used in everyday life without harming the environment.

“We have developed a new biodegradable polymer. The results show that the modification of polystyrene with alpha-angelicalactone does not worsen the mechanical properties of the copolymers and makes them biodegradable. The products of such biodegradation are not toxic,” said the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Konstantin Kaigorodov, senior researcher at

Source: Ferra

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