Russian scientists have developed a database of thousands of rock photos to help computers identify minerals and estimate their size. This artificial intelligence application will be useful for geological surveys. The work was conducted in partnership with the Museum of Mineralogy, named after AI. Fersman has a rich collection of rock and mineral specimens.

There are many different minerals in the world, but not all of them have been studied in detail. This creates difficulties for geologists, who have to perform lengthy analyzes to detect the mineral. The development of the MineralImage5k database created by Russian scientists will accelerate this process.

Although this database is smaller than the others, it is more uniform in terms of research conditions and contains raw samples close to minerals in nature. It is also linked to the museum collection, making further work on any specimen easier. Scientists hope this application will improve the work of geologists and researchers, making it more efficient and accurate than other databases.

Source: Ferra

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