Apple is planning the next version that will allow iPad users to have a complete experience on their device. Information about the Magic Keyboard below, which is designed specifically for the iPad, is made of aluminum and will look like a portable format like the MacBook, has leaked.

The Magic Keyboard is a wireless, rechargeable device sold separately from the tablet. It has a built-in battery and automatically connects to the iPad.

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Bloomberg analyst and journalist Mark Gurman announced that Apple is in the process of developing a redesigned Magic Keyboard with a more MacBook-like appearance.

Adam explains that this new accessory will launch alongside the next iPad Pro next year. The most striking innovation is The keyboard will be made of aluminum, giving the product a premium and aesthetic appearance.. It may also have a larger ‘trackpad’.

Compared to previous version This new design of Magic Keyboard is aimed to be more durable and robust. The previous version had some security vulnerabilities such as bending or tearing at the edges, so this option would be more durable and more reliable for a better experience.

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The new generation iPads will consist of four models in the Pro version. Different sizes of OLED panels and M3 chip with 11 and 13 inch options.

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Source: Exame

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