The Moscow Court of Arbitration partially satisfied the claim of the mobile phone operator Tele2 against the Swedish telecommunications equipment provider Ericsson. The company demanded to recover 4.1 million euros, but only received 12% of this amount: 490,700 euros, the Vedomosti newspaper calculated.

The court accepted Tele2’s claim against Ericsson for 490 thousand euros; the company demanded 4.1 million euros

Tele2 planned to install 50,000 5G-ready Ericsson Radio System base stations by 2023 in 27 regions of Russia, including Moscow and Leningrad regions.

Thanks to this, Tele2 hoped to increase the data transfer rate, prepare for the release of the 5G standard and the constant connection of a large number of users, devices and objects.

During 2019-2020 Tele2 commissioned 30,000 new Ericsson base stations. In August 2019, Tele2 and Ericsson launched Russia’s first 5G pilot zone in central Moscow, covering Tverskaya Street from the Kremlin to the Garden Ring.

Following the start of the special operation, Ericsson stopped supplying equipment to Russia and subsequently announced that it would cease all customer operations in the country from 2023. In December 2022, Ericsson transferred customer support in Russia to Sonerik LLC.

  • In November 2022, Tele2 filed a lawsuit against Ericsson with the Moscow Court of Arbitration demanding to supply equipment under a July 30, 2014 agreement, pay a €4.1 million fine, and recover a fine for failing to execute a court decision. act on the supply of equipment.
  • A Tele2 representative previously told Vedomosti that most of the undelivered equipment relates to orders that were placed long before the imposition of sanctions.
  • The company demanded to be bound by the terms of the contracts and also requested provisional measures: prohibition to dispose of the amount equivalent to the claims: 4.1 million euros and prohibition to liquidate the Russian structure of Ericsson until the court decides on the quarrel. This petition was rejected by the court in December 2022.


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Source: RB

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