One of the most watched television formats in Colombia is ‘reality shows’.master chef‘, HE ‘Challenge‘, ‘Heroes of Our Tele’, ‘The X Factor’ and others.

Contestants often fall in love with those who watch these programs. However, it is unknown what happened to them several times later. we will tell you some reality shows show participants who have died in recent years.

On February 7, 2019, Fabio Andrés Legarda died from a stray bullet at El Poblado in Medellín. This happened while he was in a vehicle on his way to meet some friends, got involved in a shipping case and was shot in the skull.


In 2019, on June 30, María Fernanda died on one of the beaches in the municipality of Atlántico, Puerto Colombia. While the young woman was swimming with some friends and her boyfriend, the waves carried them away from the beach. Apparently his partner was drowning and he drowned in the sea to save her.

in March 2020 Aldana was involved in a fatal accident while riding his motorcycle through the dreary area of ​​Carrera 15 and 100th Street in Bogotá. Driving at high speed on that road on his Kawasaki motorcycle, the young man crashed into a retaining wall just as he was about to collapse.

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The young man died from a bacteria on his head on April 29. Jhon Ever was part of a musical group called ‘Los Jhon’s’, accompanied by his brothers Jhoan Sebastián and María de los Ángeles.

Becerra starred in the production of ‘Protagonistas’ in 2004. In 2009, the young man withdrew money in a bank in Cali, and then went straight home. When he reached the entrance of his house, he was approached by some assailants and shot him, causing his death.


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