This Tuesday (05), Google made official the change to the logo and font of Android, the company’s mobile operating system. new images Based on Material Design and aims to “connect with people, community and cultural moments”.

The last major software update was in 2019, when the Android logo became more accessible and easier to read. At that time, the Mountain View giant had also put an end to candy namings like Android Lollipop and Android KitKat.

The company had been using the new little robot since at least June 2023. However, no official comment has been made on the subject yet, and that has changed today. Check out the old and new logo below:

new little robot it has more curves and looks a bit more like the Google logo. “We hope these small but important updates to the Android font will better convey the relationship between Android devices and Google apps and services that people are already familiar with.”

more changes

The Android logo has a 3D look and the baby’s name, bugdroid, now appears with more personality. According to Google, the goal was to make the character more dynamic and have a body so that he could act in digital and real-life environments.

To highlight this transformation; the doll has colorful visuals, now wears a hat and even has new colors besides green.

It wasn’t just the robot that changed the name of the software also had typography changes. The brand name of the operating system has been changed from “android” in all lowercase letters to “android” For “Android”, with the first letter capitalized.

“We believe that our branding system and the way we visually appear in the world should reflect Android’s core values ​​of being open, interactive and inclusive. That’s why we’re sharing an update to our visual identity that better represents our Android community; That’s a lot of fun too.”

New gadgets on Android

Google took advantage of the visual changes in Android to provide more details about the tools coming to the system. Check out the main updates below:

  • Assistant at a Glance widget with artificial intelligence uses artificial intelligence and will serve to provide information such as weather alerts, dynamic travel updates and reminders of upcoming events on the home screen;
  • Image Q&A in Lookout makes visual content more accessible, using artificial intelligence to create more detailed explanations;
  • Google Wallet now allows you to import photos to scan cards with barcodes or QR codes, such as gym or library cards;
  • New communication apps like Webex and Zoom will be coming to Android Auto soon.

Source: Tec Mundo

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