The undisputed protagonist of October heaven, apartial eclipse will be clearly visible from all over Italy on the 25th.

The event will begin at 9:26 a.m. at the latitude of Rome ending at 11:21 am and covers 27% of the sun’s diameter, while it will be delayed and anticipated by few minutes in southern and northern Italy respectively.

Veterans fromopposition to the sun in the month of September, Jupiter And Neptune they will still be clearly visible most of the night in the autumn period, but also Mars And Saturn they will be easily discernible. Then there is Uranus which can be observed in the best conditions as it approaches the opposition with the sun, even if it is its own Brightness close to the limit of vision with the naked eye.

It will also be visible in October Mercury on the eastern horizon at dawn, especially on October 8 and 9. Vice versa, Venus it will become undetectable for the entire month.

Portion of the star signs of the summer sky can be observed in the early hours of the night, while in the east the typical autumn and winter skies will appear. In the late evening they will Taurus followed by Twinswith the quadrangle of Pegasus to the zenith, from whose northeast corner will begin an alignment of three fairly bright stars forming the constellation Andromeda.

Source: Lega Nerd

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