A hacker who asked himself Anthony told TechCrunch how he spammed an iPhone with fake Bluetooth patriotic windows.

iOS has a Bluetooth Advertisements protocol that shows a window with a microphone when AirPods and Apple Watch are connected so that the user can quickly set up accessories and not open the settings.

Anthony used the Flipper Zero device to mimic the AirPods radio protocol. Flipper Zero can occasionally give associated signals, thus, when you turn on your iPhone, the call window with AirPods is always displayed. If the user closes one window, another immediately appears.

As a result, it becomes simply impossible to use an iPhone. The attack works even when airplane mode is on. It can be interrupted only by completely disabling Bluetooth in the system.

According to the hacker, he designed the attack to confirm to Apple that it should allow iOS Bluetooth connection with unknown devices. [TechCrunch]

Source: Iphones RU

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