Sberbank has made the GigaChat artificial intelligence system available to everyone. This means that you can use this technology in VK and Telegram through the corresponding bot that will appear soon. For entrepreneurs and developers, a cloud API will be available to connect to this neural network.

Sberbank emphasizes that they have introduced pre-trained AI models such as ruGPT, Kandinsky 2.2 and FRED-T5, on which GigaChat is based, for the first time in Russia. This step is being taken to accelerate the development of the community of researchers and developers in the field of artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this neural network, you can work with images and text, and this is already available to SberBoom smart speaker users. In the future, they plan to integrate GigaChat with other smart devices that work with the Salyut voice assistant. This step opens up broad prospects for using AI in a variety of applications and services.

Source: Ferra

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