Alexa, which is present on TVs as well as smart speakers and other devices, brings many practicalities by allowing you to perform a number of functions without using your hands. Amazon’s voice assistant can be found on devices of various brands such as the following models: Samsung and LG smart television.

It is possible to request artificial intelligence (AI) in versions that integrate technology. Turn up and down the volume, open streaming apps, play and pause videos, play music and more. If you have smart devices at home, you can ask them to turn on the light or air conditioner, for example.

These and other functions, accessible with voice commands, are available at: TVs with Alexa. Below are six options that support Amazon’s artificial intelligence, including 50-inch smart TVs and other sizes.

Smart LED TV 43″ LG ThinQ AI 4K HDR, 43UQ7500PSF

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Smart TV LED 50″ Samsung Crystal 4K HDR UN50CU8000GXZD is a Samsung brand model with Tizen. With 50.0″ this is a 4K TV with LED screen. The natural frequency of this TV’s screen is 60Hz.

LG 43UQ7500PSF one 43-inch smart TV with 4K, LED display, HDR10 Pro that enhances brightness, color and sharpness, and Filmmaker mode ideal for movie lovers. There is a player mode that adjusts to play, but the refresh rate is 60 Hz.

Other highlights are 20W of power, integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen mirroring, three HDMI inputs, and Alexa and Google Assistant support. TV brings WebOS22 operating systemWith apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Globoplay, HBO Max and more.

Smart TV LED 50″ Samsung Crystal 4K HDR, UN50CU8000GXZD

Image: Smart LED TV 50" Samsung Crystal 4K HDR, UN50CU8000GXZD
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Smart TV LED 50″ Samsung Crystal 4K has HDR, Tizen, 60Hz, HDMI, LAN (Network) and USB inputs. It also has Bluetooth, screen mirroring, integrated Wi-Fi and various installed applications.

looking for something 50 inch Smart TV with Alexa? This option in the Crystal series brings with it Amazon’s assistant and Samsung’s Bixby, as well as a 4K display with HDR10+, HLG, 60 Hz frequency and video calls via Google Meet.

There’s also the Tizen system with multi-screen functionality to view two content at the same time, adaptive audio for greater immersion, Air Slim design, and mainstream apps. Compatibility with the Samsung Gaming Hub platform is available for gamers. play without connecting to console.

Smart TV QLED 55″ Samsung 4K Quantum HDR, QN55Q60CAGXZD

Image: Smart TV QLED 55" Samsung 4K Quantum HDR, QN55Q60CAGXZD
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

trust yourself The QLED screen works in 4K resolution and measures 55.0″. It has 60Hz, 20W audio, wireless Bluetooth, as well as HDMI, LAN (Network), USB inputs.

Other Samsung Smart TV with AlexaThe QN55Q60CAGXZD features a 55-inch PANTONE certified display with 100% color volume, Quantum Lite 4K processor and HDR10+. 3D sound experience is also available.

Tizen with various apps Samsung TV Plus with dozens of free channelsand one-touch mirroring are other standout tools. The user can access Xbox Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce Now on the television by plugging in the joystick to play.

Smart TV LED 75″ Samsung Crystal 4K HDR, UN75CU8000GXZD

Picture: 75" LED Smart TV Samsung Crystal 4K HDR, UN75CU8000GXZD
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Samsung brand brings 4K resolution Smart TV LED 75″ Samsung Crystal 4K, Tizen OS, HGaming Hub and various streaming apps to enjoy and enjoy.

One of the differences of this Samsung smart TV is the Dynamic Crystal Color function with enhancements for pure and true colors. There is also a version HDMI eARCProvides audio enhancements.

For those who want to collect their favorite content in one place, Hub Tizen Samsung makes it easy to search by organizing movies, shows and games in the same area as well as recommending content. The model also features Motion Xcelerator, which offers more fluidity to games.

Smart TV QNED 55″ LG 4K HDR, 55QNED80SRA

Picture: Smart TV QNED 55" LG 4K HDR, 55QNED80SRA
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Smart TV QNED 55″ LG 4K HDR has WebOS QNED screen with 55.0″ 4K resolution. The 120Hz natural frequency of this TV is responsible for the smoothness of the video, and the connection resources and loaded applications provide a complete experience.

LG QNED TV offers smoother images as well as intense pure colours. 120Hz refresh rateone of its strengths. Game optimizations are also guaranteed with AMD FreeSync Premium support.

Speaking of games, it can be used for: Play in the cloud via NVIDIA GeForce NowThe webOS 23 system adds the most popular streaming apps, while artificial intelligence features help you find content using commands via Alexa. The Side-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture functions make it possible to display multiple content at the same time.

Smart TV Neo QLED 50″ Samsung 4K Quantum HDR, QN50QN90CAGXZD

Image: Smart TV Neo QLED 50" Samsung 4K Quantum HDR, QN50QN90CAGXZD
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Smart TV Neo QLED 50″ Samsung 4K Quantum HDR brings picture quality and complete experience to the screen with confidence 50″ Neo QLED”, loaded streaming apps and miscellaneous features.

Finally, we present a model. Samsung Smart TV with Mini LED ScreenTechnology characterized by more realistic images, intense brightness and more accurate blacks. There is a panel 144 Hz frequency And thanks to its low response time, it satisfies even the most demanding users.

The 50-inch smart TV features a Neural Quantum 4K processor and HDR refactoring to convert images to lower resolutions. 40W power and sound with Dolby Atmos, Tizen system with various applications and HDMI eARC round off the technical sheet. It also receives voice commands from Bixby..

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