The Microsoft Office font family has recently been replenished: instead of the Calibri sent “in the archive”, a new default font, Aptos, has appeared. The basis of the novelty is the fonts from Swiss printing houses chosen by the 20th century, the developer is the famous designer Steve Matteson, the creator of the Segoe typeface.

In my case, Calibri was printed in 16 Times New Roman letters. In 2021, God v Microsoft came out, and it was in this year that Calibri came out, offering users a choice of five new feet. As a result, users preferred Bierstadt, the Aptos prototype.

However, Calibri should not be completely buried – it still takes its usual place at the top of the new menu fonts, along with its predecessors – Times New Roman and Arial. It is not listed and does not match Aptos – Grandview, Seaford, Skeena and Tenorite.

You can download Aptos 1.0 from our website using the link.

Source: Tech Cult

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