The new headphones were presented Cyberblade by Angry Miao, the charging base looks sculpted in steel and glass and weighs a whopping 370 grams or 13 ounces with the whole configuration. Like many of the line of Angry Miaothis is a product that seems to be aimed at gamers: from RGB LEDpleasing to the eye, to the ridiculously sophisticated charging case, to the device’s carrying case, which includes a rotating volume knob that controls the volume on your computer or phone.

Angry Miao has created a charging station with an audio processing chip. Since it is designed to plug into the computer, it matters much less how much power the chip consumes, which in turn unlocks a lot of extra computing power in the computer. charging station. When you pair the earbuds with the phone, this happens even with the case, meaning the earbuds can be controlled with it using a private audio streaming protocol.

When the device is connected to a computer and the Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) is enabled, as the company claims, the goal is to provide users with ultra-fast, ultra-low latency audio with a delay of approximately 40ms (compared to alleged 200ms) . delay of AirPods Pro, according to Angry Miao). The company claims this means it can deliver high-quality audio with low latency, unlike other low-latency products that sacrifice audio quality for speed. Further, Angry Miaio offers the usual active noise cancellation battery and audio source-dependent sound optimizations: for Zoom meetings, games, music, movies, and so on.

Speaking to the TechCrunch pages, Li Nan assures that lag is a terrible problem for everyone, including people who aren’t gamers:

Older apps like movie player have higher latency and use a software trick to fix the latency issue. But in the future, the hardware will have to make a step forward. Our product is fast enough that you don’t need any additional software work. We all have very good latency. This makes it much more difficult for other brands.

Source: Lega Nerd

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