SberMedII, the Sber Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory and the Moscow government have developed an AI-based tool that allows therapists and general practitioners to make a diagnosis based on data from a patient’s electronic medical record, SberMedII said in a statement. .

Sber has developed an AI tool that makes a diagnosis based on data from a medical history

The assistant was named “Aida”, during the patient’s second visit, the service analyzes all textual data on the card for the last 2 years, including the date of admission, complaints and anamnesis, medical history, results of the initial examination, laboratory . , histological and instrumental studies.

Based on this data, the model helps doctors make a final diagnosis among the 95 most common and significant diagnoses.

How Aida works:

  • When the doctor determines the final diagnosis, the AI ​​analyzes the patient’s EHR in parallel and also formulates a diagnosis. If you agree with the doctor’s opinion, the service will inform you that you agree with the specialist’s decision.
  • If the diagnosis differs from that made by the doctor, the system will give a signal and offer its own version.
  • The diagnostic assistant was formed by Moscow doctors based on records of 30 million patient visits in two years. The service has already demonstrated more than 87% accuracy in identifying the 95 most common diagnoses.

The service was created as additional “insurance” for the doctor and provides the specialist with an independent “second” opinion. In this case, the final decision is always made by the doctor.

The system is being tested in 24 polyclinics in the capital, and at the end of September it will be implemented in all adult polyclinics in Moscow.


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Source: RB

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