The first photograph taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), one of the greatest achievements of world astronomy, was released Monday, 11 by United States President Joe Biden. The image, welcomed by subject matter experts and a crowd of science fans studying celestial bodies, A galaxy cluster in the constellation Volans known as SMACS 0723.

When comparing the image with another image of the same region, but made by Webb’s predecessor Hubble telescope, launched into space in 1990, we immediately noticed absurd differences in both depth and precision. Tuesday (12), after NASA released three more images from the space telescope, physicist and developer John Christensen decided to create a website to explain the differences between the photos.

Why are Hubble and James Webb photos so different?

According to NASA’s official website, although JWST replaces Hubble, the capabilities of both are “not the same”. And he explains: “Webb is dedicated to observing the Universe. in infrared lightWhile Hubble mainly continues to study it in ultraviolet and optical wavesalthough it has some infrared capabilities”.

In addition to the technological advances provided by the cameras, “Webb also has a much larger mirror than Hubble,” NASA says. It’s as if the new telescope is clearing cosmic dust from the faintly visible images on Hubble. No accident, Webb took just 12 hours to visualize the quarter, which was captured by Hubble in weeks.

Four historic James Webb images can be compared to Hubble counterparts on the WebbCompare GitHub site.

Source: Tec Mundo

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