Tinkoff Education platform, 4-6. announced the launch of the “Mathematics is Solving” project for 10th grade students. This free two-year online course is designed to help students better understand mathematics by solving non-standard problems such as encryption and coding. Created by experienced math experts, the course can also prepare children for future careers in IT. Classes will start in September 2023.

The creators of the course are experienced instructors, Olympic jury members, and education grant winners. This project consists of four semesters, each of which includes online lessons covering various modules and common problems, as well as assignments to be solved. Certificates will be awarded upon successful completion of each semester.

The course allows you to study at your own pace, and access to the materials remains forever. This initiative is part of Tinkoff Education’s larger work to develop STEAM education in Russia and aims to develop logical thinking and information analysis skills in schoolchildren.

Source: Ferra

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